The Limits of Control (2009)

Dir. Jim Jarmusch

While this is not as arty as Jean-Luc Goddard, this was definitely an art film that reminded me of Goddard, mainly because it went over my head. In a way the film is similar to Dead Man, another Jarmusch film that I didn’t care for. Jarmusch seems to be interested in two types of films, which overlap. One type involves finding interesting, funny and profound moments in the banal. The other is really arty, demanding a lot from audiences to provide meaning. This was mainly the latter.

The plot involves what seems to be a hit man, who has an assignment we gradually learn throughout the film. Like many of Jarmusch’s films, there is a lot of “dead” scenes where nothing seems to happen. When Jarmusch’s film work, subtle, even sublime moments occur in these scenes, but, for me, many of these scenes were just dead.

There’s also a Lynchian feel to the movie in that I was never sure what is a dream and what is reality. But I really don’t have a credible interpretation of the film; hence, the low-rating.

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