Arrested Development (TV; 1st season)

Because I’ve been impressed with Jason Bateman in several of his recent film roles and because Mitchell raved about this series, I decided to check it out. I do like Bateman and a young Michael Cera in this. But the other characters are just so over-the-top stupid/incompetent/irresponsible that I gave up after six episodes. (Larri would have kept watching it.) You know how many sitcoms have one character that is unrealistically stupid? Well, this sitcom has about five of them. I generally don’t care for these characters unless there is some plausible reason for their stupidity (i.e. Jim Ignatowski abused drugs). Mitchell explained that the characters are that way because their family is so dysfunctional. Perhaps, but the level of ineptitude just not believable and just seems there to get laughs.

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