The Crime of Monsieur Lange(1937)

Dir. Jean Renoir


Now here’s a French director I really like. The more Renoir films I watch the more I find myself liking this director. Where Bresson’s films are emotionally vacant, Renoir’s films are filled with a lot of feeling. I’m suprised by the way some of the scenes touched me. Surprised because they don’t seem extraordinary on the surface. (I can’t think of the specific scenes right now.)

The film is about a writer of pulp novels (I really liked Rene Lefevre, the actor who played this character) on the run from commiting a crime. The film is told in flashbacks, and involves a super charming, but despicable editor (played wonderfully by Jules Berry). This is good storytelling with likeable characters and good performances.

I don’t know of other people will agree with the 8 rating. I could understand if many people would give it a 6 or 7. I don’t know if I’d put this on a top 100 films of all-time list, but it could reasonably be near the bottom.

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