The Proposal (2009)


Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Betty White, Mary Steenburgen
Wow. Here’s a romantic comedy that pretty much sticks completely to the formula. I was sure from the trailers that I would dislike this film, but Roger Ebert’s review and Penny’s recommendation had me eager to give it a chance, and it paid off. It is all about the actors here, and I have to admit I never thought Reynolds had the kinds of skills he demonstrates in this movie. The dialogue is cute, sharp, and clever, but it’s really the way the actors deliver it, full of glances, breaths, and pauses that really won me over. The camera is not afraid to give us frequent close-ups of the actors so that we can see some of their nonverbal moves, and it totally works. I would also like to say that Mary Steenburgen is just sooooooo hot. I have always thought so. She doesn’t need to play older women; she is hot enough that all these mom roles she gets aren’t really fair. She should be a lead in a film like this. 7/10 keeping in mind my preference for romantic comedies.

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