Imagine That (2009)


Eddie Murphy and Thomas Haden Church.
Here’s a movie that caught me off guard: a film where Eddie Murphy doesn’t go completely over the top. Murphy plays an investment counselor who has been quite absent from his six-year-old girl’s life. She spends a week with him, much to his annoyance, but he discovers quite accidentally that the characters in the girl’s imaginary world give cryptic (but always right on) advice about corporate stocks. The catch is that in order for Murphy’s character to receive this advice, he has to play along in his daughter’s imaginary world. In the process, of course, he learns again how to be daddy. Murphy is back to his most charming self here, and while I enjoyed most of the story, the end was really weak. The end was so bad that I cannot recommend the film, though I confess that I had a good time. 5/10

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