Old Joy (2006)

Dir. Kelly Reichardt

I probably would recommend this to Kevin. After that, I’d guess that Penny, Mitchell, Chris and Grace would have a shot at liking this. Don, Joel, Larri and Jill would not like this. Marc probably wouldn’t care for this either. I must say that my copy of the film had an unplayable fifty second segment that came at a potentially crucial moment in the film, so I don’t feel like I’ve fully seen the film.

This is about two old friends who get together for a weekend hike. Mark (Daniel London) is married and about to become a father, while Kurt (Will Oldham) is unstable (possibly mentally ill). This is a quiet film that depends on the audience to interpret the film.

I’m not sure what this film is about, but it seems to be a meditation on friendship, particularly the way old friendships change and how we deal with those changes. I had a hard time reading Mark. Was he scared or mistrustful of Kurt–or was he just a quiet guy? Were they at one point really close? The film certainly doesn’t answer these questions, not in any obvious way at least. (Of course, I could have missed a crucial segment of the film.)

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