Naked Gun: From the Files of the Police Squad (1988)

Dir. David Zucker
Starring: Leslie Nielsen, etc.

I think Penny saw this, and she would be someone I’d recommend this to. I borrowed Joel’s copy so he must like this at least a little. I think Jill and Mitchell might like this. (Marc do you like these type of films–i.e. Mel Brooks, Airplane!). I think Kevin liked Airplane!, so he–and anyone else that likes those films would probably enjoy this. I’m not sure how to approach this review as I really don’t like those type of films. I watched this because it made the 1001 movies book. All I can say is that Blazing Saddles and Airplane! made it into the book, and that was more than enough of this style of filmmaking, imo.

This is basically a movie version of the short-lived (at least I think it was) TV show, Police Squad. It’s basically a spoof in the style of Airplane!. I’m just not into the humor, hence the score of 2. At one point, my sole interest in the film became whether I would at least laugh at least once in the film. There was one moment where I smiled and gave a half chuckle. Nielsen’s character is searching a desk drawer and says, “Bingo.” He pulls out a Bingo card. Yuk-yuk.

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