In the Realm of the Senses (1976)

Dir. Nagisa Oshima

Definitely not for Marc, Don, Joel or Jill. I wouldn’t recommend this to Mitchell. Everyone else might find this interesting on some level, but I wouldn’t recommend this. I haven’t decided what I think about this film yet. I do know that I didn’t enjoy it very much. I’m unsure the film has merit or deserves making the 1001 list.

The short description of this film: two sex-crazed lovers. You should know that the film has some graphic depictions of sex—both conventional and outlandish. This definitely a candidate for considering exploring the difference between art and pornography.

This film just completes the journey on the spectrum of approaching sexual desire, staring with Splendor on the repression, moving to Fast Times, which had a free love approach, and ending finally with Realm, which dealt with extreme sex and an all-consuming sexual desire.

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