Turtles Can Fly (2004)

Dir. Bahman Gohbadi

I think Penny and Grace would rate this higher. I also think that Kevin, Chris and Mitchell would like this. I’m not sure about John and Tony, although I can see them liking this. Marc, Don, Joel and Jill might like this, too, although I’m not confident about that, so I wouldn’t recommend this to them.

This is a story about refugees (mostly Kurdish?) at the Nothern(?) Iraqi border right before the U.S. invasion. There are many children and the story focuses on four of them: Satellite, the de facto leader of the small village where the story takes place; and three siblings: an armless boy who can see into the future, his depressed sister and blind(?) little brother. Satellite is a young teen whose power stems from the fact that he’s the only one who can install a satellite dish to watch TV (everyone wants news of the impending invasion). Satellite falls for the sister and tries to woe her.

I think others will find the film sad and sometimes funny. One of the merits of the film is to depict the effects of the U.S. invasion regular people, especially children.

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