The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Review)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974)
Dir. Tobe Hooper
Star. Marilyn Burns, Allen Danzinger, etc.
83 minutes

This is a must for fans of horror fans, especially those interested in acquiring a historical understanding of the genre. I’ve lost my appetite for horror (the little I had for it), so the score is based on the quality of the film making and the historical importance of the film, rather than my enjoyment of it.

Is it a scary film? I think it’s pretty effective, although more contemporary viewers may not be as scared because they’ve seen this before. The older quality of the film stock and other low production values add to the scariness, just like Halloween and Blair Witch Project.

I like the plausible way Hooper sets up the stage for horror, and the way he ratchets up the terror. The conclusion is also effective.

If I have some criticisms, I thought the some scenes with “Leatherface” took away from his spooky aura. But other than that, this is a pretty terrific horror movie. I’m surprised that more Hollywood executives don’t take more chances on low-budget horror films. It seems like a low-risk proposition.

Not in the same class as Psycho, but the film should be considered in the top 5 horror films of all-time (up there with The Exorcist, Halloween, and Jaws).

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