Da Falafel King

We went this tiny lunchwagon on the site of the old Varsity theater. (There’s another one in Waikiki). We tried the falafel sandwich and kabob sandwich. The best thing about the falafel was everything but the falafel. The falafel was a bit too mushy and lacking in flavor. But the sandwich is packed with red cabbage, cucumbers, pickles, in a tahini sauce (I think). More importantly, this is stuffed into the pocked of the pita versus folding the pita over like a taco. The vegetables and the sauce aren’t that noteworthy, but the “packaging” of all the food appealed to me for some reason. (It’s also wrapped in paper and tinfoil, which you can easily pull back.) Still, I probably wouldn’t get this again.

The kabob sandwich is basically a patty of beef and pork (or was it lamb?). It’s almost like a hamburger, but, again, it came in the same form as the falafel sandwich. The patty wasn’t exceptional, but I prefer it to the falafel.

We paid $14 for the kabob combo and $11 (I think) for the falafel combo. You get a canned drink and either fries or pita chips. The latter is probably the best thing about the place. Yep. They cut the pit into triangles, dust them with spices and then quickly fry them so that the edges are slightly crisp, while middle of the pita remains soft. They also either fry it in olive oil and/or dip in olive oil afterwards. It’s good, but not necessarily drive-out-of-your-way good.

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  1. Reid

    We went to restaurant (at the old Diego’s on King Street, next to Old Stadium Park).

    If you sit down and eat there, they serve you small dishes of picked vegetables–carrots, eggplant, red cabbage, coleslaw, corn, as well as tabouleh, pita and some pita chips. It totally reminded me of Korean restaurant. I really liked these sides because they were refreshing; you could tell they were made with care, too: they weren’t too oily, salty, etc.

    We ordered the beef and lamb sandwich, falafel sandwich and pita chips (which were tiny, but still one of the best things. I’m not sure it’s worth getting, though–you might feel like you’re being ripped off.)

    The beef and lamb still tasted the same. I liked the falafel a little better this time around, though.

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