Super Bowl Sunday, February 24, 2013

Better known as the 85th Academy Awards.

A place to discuss topics related to films in 2012 nominated for the Oscar.

8 Responses to “Super Bowl Sunday, February 24, 2013”

  1. Arlyn

    I noticed that David Magee, the Oscar nominated screenwriter who adapted Life of Pi, also wrote Finding Neverland (both of these which I loved) and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

    I haven’t seen Miss Pettigrew which stars Amy Adams and Frances McDormand. I know Mitchell was going through some Amy Adams films earlier and was curious if he or anyone has seen it.

  2. Mitchell

    I’m still working on the Amy Adams filmography, so I haven’t gotten to that one yet. How can any film with Amy Adams and Frances McDormand be bad, though, you know?

    I usually shun the awards ceremonies leading up to the Oscars, but for some reason I’ve been into them this year. Maybe it’s because I saw so many films last year. Did you watch the Golden Globes or the SAGs? I caught the Globes and loved Jennifer Lawrence’s speech.

  3. Arlyn

    True about Adams and McDormand since they’re both favorites of mine too. I’m adding it to my list but I’m a little hesitant because of the too much movies too little time thing. I was just curious if anyone here had seen it.

    Yes, I caught both the Globes and the SAGs. I like watching the awards shows especially if it’s related to movies. Yes, it was great to see her win and I actually found out about David O. Russell’s son when Jennifer Lawrence mentioned it in her speech.

  4. Arlyn

    What’s up with Ben Affleck winning this weekend at the DGA’s but him getting snubbed for the Oscar?

    I usually shun the awards ceremonies leading up to the Oscars, but for some reason I’ve been into them this year. Maybe it’s because I saw so many films last year.

    I’m into them more than usual too and I think it’s because there were a lot of really good films this year. With the exception of ZDT, I’d be okay with any film that won. And if you eliminate ZDT and Lincoln, then I’d be happy with any film that won.

  5. Arlyn

    Also, a total of nine Best Picture nominations is such an odd number.

    Which film would you have selected as the tenth Best Picture? I’d like to have seen Moonrise Kingdom up there.

  6. Arlyn

    More Oscar fun facts. But you better be sitting down for this one. This year’s Amour and 1969’s Z were both nominated for Best Picture AND Best Foreign Language film…AND both films star Jean-Louis Trintignant.

  7. Mitchell

    This was the first Oscar ceremony I saw in YEARS. Like, maybe eight or nine years. And I’ve heard a lot of bad buzz about Seth McFarlane’s hosting job, but I rather enjoyed the show. Sure, I fast-forwarded through all the commercials and even a speech or two, but I watched all the intros, all the presentations, and all the special performances. I kinda liked it.

  8. Arlyn

    I wasn’t too keen on the first lady’s partaking in the announcement for Best Picture. And I was disappointed by the spoilers they showed in some of the film clips. Other than this I enjoyed the show too. I’m not too familiar with Seth McFarlane but was impressed by his singing and hosting. The tribute to musicals in film and old Hollywood was nice, especially the song and dance numbers by Channing Tatum/Charlize Theron and Joseph Gordon Levitt/Daniel Radcliffe. This was the first year I’d seen all the features nominated for Best Picture so this definitely added to my enthusiasm.

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