The Wind Will Carry Us–“3 Films” Discussion

Dir. Abbas Kiarostami

This is Kevin’s choice in the “3 Films” endeavor, and it’s the last film in the first (and last) round. Here are some of my comments:


This is the second time I’ve seen the film, and I realized I missed some key details that if I picked up the first time would have helped me understand the film a lot more. This is a really poetic film that explores human existence and perhaps the way modern life interferes or interacts wtih a more simple natural way of living. There are no simple explanations in this meditative film; it allows for a lot of interpretation and would probably reward the repeated viewings.

The general impression I got was that the film seemed to want viewers to contemplate their own lives and the way our careers and lifestyle can prevent us from realizing more critical aspects of life–birth, death, relationships, etc.

At this point I have more questions than answers. I’d be interested in hearing some comments about the following:

  1. Why do we never see the faces of the main characters co-workers? We also don’t see the faces of some other people?
  2. What was the significance of the shot of the dung beetle and the turtle? The dung beetle made me think of the myth of Sissyphus(sp?). Behzad kicking the turtle, for me, symbolized his insensitivity to nature. The turtle getting back up suggests the resilience of nature–even if modern humans ignore or treat nature with disdain, nature is still there and continues to go on. (Perhaps a similar meaning in the last shot of the bone floating down the river.)
  3. What is your interpretation of Behzad throwing the bone in the river and the bone floating down?
  4. Why did Kiarostami repeated show Behzad go up the hill to answer calls?
  5. Does anyone have all of the quotes from the poetry in the film?

The more I think about the film, the more I like it. Right now, I’d probably give it a 7. Good pick, Kevin.

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