Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Brokeback Mountain(2005)
Dir. Ang Lee
Starring: Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, etc.

Basically, my score mainly reflects the fact that I had a hard time buying the relationship. Perhaps, the homosexual nature of the relationship explains part of the reason, but I tend not to think so. I know of at least one other film with a gay relationship that I found compelling.

(small spoilers)
I just felt like the filmmakers didn’t do enough to show that they were really in love. I also didn’t think the actors had a lot of chemistry. The movie would have had a much bigger impact if I really believed they had a profound relationship.

I liked the fact that Ang Lee didn’t turn the women into simplistic villians. I really felt for Ennis’ wife. Actually, a part of me wished they spent more time on the relationship between the husbands and wives. The inability of Ennis and his wife to communicate was really one of the more moving parts of the film for me. It would have been interesting to see their relationship developed a little more. Even Jack’s relationship to his wife was interesting. What did he really feel for her? How did she feel about her? There was a lot of complexity in the characters and their relationship to the spouses that I wished was fleshed out a little more. I think this would have made the movie more poignant and interesting.

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