Munich (2005)

Dir. Steven Speilberg
Starring: Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, etc.
164 minutes

Just an OK movie. I guess Spielberg should get credit for making the point he makes. It’s not very insightful or profound, but the message coming from a Speilberg film may have a positive impact.

While the film wasn’t boring, I didn’t find it very thrilling or compelling, although there is one or two harrowing scenes. I don’t know maybe I missed something.

The film also has the parent-child themes that seem so critical. As other Spielberg films, I find these moments to be awkward and often overly sentimental. The scenes seem to have big emotional significance and import for Spielberg, but they feel either flat or they feel overly sentimental. It almost feels like he’s playing out personal family issues/relations that would have deep significance to the him and his family, but not to a larger audience. In this film, I’m thinking of Eric Bana’s relationship with the French underworld guy. Then again, I’m not sure I totally understand it, nor have I thought a lot about it.

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