Grizzly Man (2005)

Grizzly Man (2005)
Dir. Werner Herzog
103 minutes

A solid documentary that kept my attention throughout. I don’t think other idiots are going to love this film, but most would find it interesting.

This is a documentary about a man who “lived” with bears out in the wild for over ten years. The man, Timothy Treadwell, filmed many of his encounters with the bears, and that’s what makes up the majority of the film as well as interviews of people who knew him. I agree with Herzog that the film was more interesting in what it reveals about the man and people in general, more than the bears.

Herzog doesn’t a lot of narration throughout the film, unlike other films of his I’ve seen, and I found it a bit intrusive. His commentary, in this film and others, have been interesting, but this time, as narration I felt he wasn’t letting the film speak for itself enough.

Still, Treadwell is an interesting and sad figure, someone who found a place and purpose out in the wild, something he could never find in civilization. The confessional scenes are the most interesting, But I was also touched by scenes were he expresses gratitude to the animals (”Thank you for being my friend,” he says to the bears and foxes.) and his bursting enthusiasm and passion for the bears and the wildlife in general.

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