Match-Point (2005)

Match-point (2005)
Dir. Woody Allen

I thought this might be a film that was overlooked and could contend for one of the better films of 2005. I was wrong. I remember watching the trailer to this, feeling sure in the first few seconds that it would be a film I’d never watch. When I find out what film it is and who directed it, I was really shocked. I had heard really great things about the film, so I was curious about it.

My score mainly reflects my own enjoyment of the film more than the overall quality. Well, then again, while the film is effective in some ways, I think objectively it loses points because of some reasons which I will go into later.

Personal Comments (some spoiiers)

My main problem with the film is that the film is almost the same story and themes as Allen’s previous film, Crimes and Misdemeanors. I don’t mind a director revisting certain story-lines or themes as long as they add something significantly new to it. Woody doesn’t do it in this film–at least nothing that I noticed.

The suspense aspects of the film were effective, however. It’s actually partly what made me enjoy the film less. LIke the novel the main character reads in the film, Crime and Punishment, I anagonized over this film because you watch the protagonist do stupid things that will only harm him or someone else later on. Of course, he’s not hurt, and I guess that is supposed impact the audience. It didn’t have an impact on me, partly because it seemed so trite and simplistic. People do evil things and get away with it. I understand that life seems to be about luck or the absence of it; that what happens in life is often random. But if that’s all your saying, that’s not really saying much. Well, that was my reaction anyway.

I thought the acting was pretty good, although not great. I think Scarlett was a little mscast. In the first scene she’s in, she’s this confident seductress. I got excited. It felt like Double Indemnity, but then her character doesn’t turn out to be a bad, and Johansson just seemed out place in that role.

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