The Thin Red Line (1998)

The Thin Red Line (1998)
Dir. Terrence Malick
170 minutes

This is the second time I saw the film. I never cared for it the first time, but after loving The New World, I wanted to give this another shot.

The basic plot involves Charlie Company and the taking of a key hill in Guadalcanal during WWII. There is a ton of characters–played by well-known actors–in this film. However, imo, this is not really a war film–although it can be seen as such. Malick seems to be more concerned about philosophical questions–the nature of good and evil, immortality and other existentail questions. To me, Malick structures the film as a “slice of life” of life. There are many of his poetic use of images that he also employs in The New World. It doesn’t seem as coherrent and focused as the latter, however.

Definitely a spiritual-philosophical film. I wuuld to hear from anyone who feels they understand and can “explain” this film.

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