2015 NFL Draft–Tracking Comments of Experts

This thread will be a repository for comments from experts on the players in the 2015 NFL draft. First up, some comments from Louis Riddick that I heard on the SVP and Russillo Show (4/3/15).

1. Riddick not too high on Leonard Williams. His reasoning is that Williams doesn’t seem to affect opposing offenses on 3rd down enough, and Riddick believes you need that in a defensive lineman drafted at the top. These comments are interesting because my impression was that Leonard Williams was close to a surefire pick. Now, Riddick isn’t saying Williams won’t be good, but he wouldn’t pick Williams that high. I’ll be watching to see if Williams is a difference maker on 3rd down and/or if he turns out to be a great player;

2. Instead of Williams, Riddick liked Shane Ray or Vic Beasley–at least in terms of guys who could come in right away and make a significant difference, especially in terms of rushing the passer. (He noted that he liked those two over Fowler, because the former have an array of moves and he noticed Fowler getting stymied too often.)

3. Riddick thinks there are no questions about Jameis Winston on the field.

4. Riddick thinks is a strong draft for CBs–saying five might go in the first round. He raved about Byron Jones (UConn?) and Kevin Johnson (Wake Forest).

(As an aside, Riddick was asked who he made a mistake on. Riddick mentioned Carlos Rogers, saying he thought he would be great right away, but didn’t do well in Washington (when Riddick was there) and only started doing well when he left to go to SF.)

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  1. Reid

    Andy Benoit and Greg Cosell talking pass rushers in the upcoming draft on themmqb.com podcast (4/14/2015).

    Cosell likes Dante Fowler, but said he doesn’t seem to have a lot of power (which is what I think Louis Riddick was alluding to). Still, Cosell compared him to Justin Houston, if Fowler develops.

    On Vic Beasley, Cosell compared him to Von Miller (if he meets his potential), but wasn’t sure he’d have a similar impact. He brought up Bruce Irvin, as player Beasley might look like initially. My sense is that Cosell wasn’t enthusiastic about him–certainly, less than Riddick–but wasn’t negative, either. Based on the comments, I wouldn’t draft him too high.

    On Shane Ray, Cosell mentioned his nastiness and intensity (which is a good sign for me).

    On Alvin Bud Dupree, Cosell said he’s really athletic, but not really a pass rusher, not right now. Cosell compared him to Jamie Collins, the Patriot LB.

    On Randy Gregory, Cosell said he’s a pure pass rusher, comparing him to Jason Taylor, saying that Gregory is a little more athletic.

  2. Reid

    Just heard an interview with Greg Cosell on the DP Show. He really likes Dante Fowler. When DP asked who would be the first three picks, Cosell mentioned Fowler at #2, I believe, but I don’t know if his answer is based on what the teams will do. In any event, he really seemed to like him.

    I think Mike Mayock also rated Fowler as the best edge-rusher.

  3. Mitchell

    Tom Pelissero of USA Today evaluates the 2014 draft. I’m disappointed that the writer didn’t compare his rankings with the report cards of high-profile draft pundits the day after the draft in 2014, but maybe we can do that ourselves later.

  4. Reid

    Hey, I just saw this today. After reading the article, I agree with you.

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