Murphy’s Bar and Grill

Larri and I went to Murphy’s Bar and Grill last night. We also stopped in at O’Toole’s across the street to see the music line up for the night. Both buildings just give me a good feeling. I don’t know what it is.

Anyway, I ordered the rib-eye and Larri got the gaelic steak. We also started with deep-fried calamari. The calamari is solid, nothing fancy. It was not the frozen calamari rings, so that was a good thing. A tangy cocktail sauce accompanied the dish.

Both steaks came with mashed potatoes, gravy and vegetables. I liked the mashed potatoes and gravy. The mashed potatoes were definitely old school. They tasted home-made and didn’t have any kind of fancy seasoning or extras. The grazy was the light brown type. It was flavorful (almost a chicken stock taste) and not too heavy.

I liked the rib-eye. Again, nothing fancy. It came out grilled with salt and pepper seasoning. I liked the way they cooked my steak, but I wish it came out a little hotter. The steak was also very tender. The dish was about $15 and I thought it was a pretty good deal.

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