Wai’oli Tea Room

After hearing some favorable buzz, my grandmother and I went to have lunch at Wailoi Tea Room in Manoa. The food was horrible.

I had an Oriental Chicken Salad for $10ish whose main component was a large cold mound of over-cooked vermicelli topped with odd things (e.g. raisins and those pre-cooked chow mein noodles in a can). I actually had to return it.

My grandmother ordered a Mahi Mahi special that had sat under a heat lamp for so long, she said it tasted like over-fried chicken. It was topped with a scoop of oddly tasteless potato salad mush. This entree was priced at about $13-$15.

Judging by what we ordered, the raw ingredients and level of culinary skill applied hardly seemed to justify the price.


There was a reasonable crowd for lunch though, and neither of us ordered from the sandwich section of the menu (Maybe these are somehow wonderful?).

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