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Last week, one of the senior citizens from the club that I advise told me about the restaurant with the best ribs in town. (He’s orginally from the mainland, and he likes bbq, so I figure he must have tried a lot of places.) He likes to go to Molly’s Smokehouse, but if you want ribs, he said the best place is Henry Loui’s in Mapunapuna. (Yes, I did ask him if they were better than Tony Roma’s. I even asked him if they were better than Big City Diners’ ribs)

So Larri and I went there this past Saturday. The evening started auspiciously. Brickwood Galuteria(sp?) was there to greet us at the door. (He was waiting around for some reason.) Anyway, I started talking to him, and he said thatif I get the ribs, I should get the sauce on the side. Of course, I asked him if he thought the ribs were the best, and he gave me a sort of non-commital answer. When I asked him to compare it to Tony Roma’s, he replied, “This place is good” or something to that effect. (He also mentioned that he liked the porterhouse steak.)

Anyway, we go in and this is one of those clean, sports bars–TV’s with games on and sport memorabilia on the walls. The ceilings are low, kind of intimately lit with booths and a bar set-up. I asked my senior citizen friend if you could bring you family there, and he said, yeah. He was right. It was a cozy vibe. Larri remarked that she was going to take her friends to this place.

Anyway, I’m spending a lot of time talking about the ambiance and setting, so that can’t be good, right? Well…wait and see.

We order the fried zucchini. It was OK, except they weren’t cooked all the way through and a little too thick. We ordered the full slab baby-back ribs.

The meat wasn’t very tender or super tasty (but it wasn’t bad either). The sauce was unique in that it was a cross between Southern bbq and local bbq. There was a shoyu taste to the sauce, plus some green onions on top. The vegetables and mashed potatos weren’t that great, either.

The ribs were OK on the first couple of bites, but the sauce was overpowering after awhile: oversweet, in the way that lemon chicken can be. (I forgot to tell the lady to put the sauce on the side.) At the end of the meal, Larri said, “I’m not bringing my friends over here.”

Anyway, no way is it better than Roma’s or Big City. We’ll have to try Molly’s Smokehouse in Wahiawa. Maybe we should all go check it out.

posted by Reid

Joel said:

I’ve tried Henri Louis before as I had a gift certificate there from a golf tournament I participated in a year ago. I thought the service was a little bad…could’ve caught them on a bad night, but it didn’t matter all that much because the food was okay. I felt like the atmosphere is good, but and the food reminds me of a local style hawaiian food place. I ordered hamburger steak, my friends order some fish dishes and hawaiian food, lau lau, kalua pig. I tried some and it was pretty good. I’d probably go back if i was in the neighborhood and wanted a cool place to relax.

Reid said:

Yeah, it’s definitely a cool place to relax. The service was pretty good when we went, but it wasn’t very crowded either.

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