Molly’s Smokehouse


This is the Southern bbq place in Wahiawa. Larri, Jill, John (her boyfriend) and I went this past Saturday. The verdict is I was pretty disappointed. I had the bbq beef brisket and bbq chicken combo with collard greens and black eye peas. The brisket was nice and tender, but the smokey taste didn’t really sit well with me for some reason. The bbq sauce was OK, but it was basically like the kind of bbq sauce you get at McDonald’s.

The black eye peas was a little mushy, kind of like refried beans. The collard greens was just OK.

We also order the hush puppies which was good. We also ordered the pecan pie and the sweet potato pie. I had a friend in college who made a great sweet potato pie. It was one of the best pies I ate. Anyway, this was not even close to that. You could barely taste any of the sweet potato. The pecan pie mostly had that caro syrup filling with just a think layer of nuts on the top. I like my pecan pie with the pecans from top to bottom of the pie.

All in all, it wasn’t a very good experience, but I’m glad I tried it.

Reid, 14, July, 2008
On a side-note, we gave Molly’s Smokehouse a second shot. I liked the beef brisket a lot better this time. I got the baby-back ribs. In my earlier review, I said the sauce was close to McDonald’s bbq sauce, and I still think that’s true. I thought the ribs were OK, but they reminded me of ham more than pork ribs, and I’m not a big ham fan.

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