Favorite Chinese Restaurants

The recent post on Moon Garden made me think of this thread. Don and Tracy seem to have been trying a lot of different Chinese restaurants in Hawai’i, so I thought it would be interesting to hear their thoughts on the best Chinese restaurants. Of course, all other idiots are welcomed to throw in their two cents. To me, there are so many Chinese restaurants out there and a lot of them seem about the same in terms of quality; finding one that stands out above the rest–either being really bad or really terrific–is rare, at least in my admittedly limited experience. So where’s the best restaurants, Don? Where can I get the best cake-noodle?

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  1. Pen

    Yelp.com/honolulu has the cake noodle question in its “Talk” section. A couple of people have mentioned Kin Wah’s (sp?) on the Windward side. Someone else mentioned Ciao Mein. I haven’t been to Ciao Mein in a long time and totally forgot they have cake noodles. I only remember their tiramisu, which was pretty good. 🙂

  2. Reid

    Don’t tell Don about the Kin-Wah recommendation. (Don swears by this place, and he’ll gloat.) Come to think of it, that’s probably Don on yelp.

    I think the best Chinese meal I had was at Harbor Seafood Village or something to that effect. It’s in Hawai’i-Kai, not Aloha Tower. I wrote a review in the restaurant section. I ate one of the best pasta dishes–lobster in garlic butter with e-mein. The e-mein with the sauce was so good, I didn’t care about the small lobster pieces.

    I haven’t really eaten cake-noodle in a long time. I liked the one at Dong Kung Lau: Hakka Seafood at the Chinese Cultural Plaza, but I haven’t gone there in ages. I’ll try to check the yelp site.

  3. Mitchell

    I love Kin Wah. Did you know Kin Wah lets you order 1.5-sized orders? So if you and your friend want to order one dish to share, but if one dish is just slightly too small, you can get a “one-and-a-half-sized” order of, say, beef choi sum cake noodle. Yeah, baby.

  4. Reid


    It’s wrong that you have not made one post in this thread. Please share from your experience of going to every Chinese restaurant on the island.

  5. Reid

    I’ve been thinking about places with good cake noodle, and the other day I went to a place at the Mauka end of Gulick Street(?), Tasty Chinese Restaurant. (I think that’s what it was called.) Anyway, I ordered the vegetable cake noodle. It wasn’t anything spectacular. On the other hand, it was one of the better cake noodles I’ve eaten.

  6. Reid

    Waimalu Chop Suey

    So I heard they have really huge crispy gau-gee, and I heard that their cake noodle was pretty good. So we ordered the crispy gau-gee cake noodle. The cake noodle was just OK, nothing exceptional. The gau-gee was indeed the biggest I’ve seen. Cathay Inn in Wai’anae makes jumbo gau-gee, but even Larri admitted that Waimalu Chop Suey’s was bigger.

  7. Reid

    Golden Wheel

    I believe I’ve reviewed this place before. We went again last night, and here’s what we had:

    crispy gau-gee cake noodle
    sizzling oyster in ginger onion sauce
    lemon chicken
    egg fuyoung

    The lemon chicken is very good, and I don’t think there are many other places where it will be significantly better. The sauce wasn’t too sweet; the batter wasn’t too heavy and oily, but perfectly crunchy and tasty.

    The cake noodle was also excellent: thick cuts with densely packed noodles fried crispy on the outside. (The only problem was that the inside was a little cold.)

    Finally, the oysters were solid. I believe there were six pretty huge pieces. (The dish also came with char-siu.)

    Final verdict: This is probably the best Chinese restaurant I’ve had on the Leeward side (‘Aiea-Wai’anae). (Don, this is more local style Chinese food, so I suspect Tracy wouldn’t like it. I’d guess that you would like this place or think it was decent.)

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