After Dinner Dessert and Coffee Places

Honolulu Advertiser’s Metronix page has pictures of some good desserts. (See Must-try Desserts.) I like going to a place after dinner for coffee, dessert and conversation, but I feel like I’ve found all the good places out there. I usually end up going to Cafe Laufer. I’ve been to JJ’s and Little Oven. Where are some good places you like to get coffee and dessert after dinner?

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  1. renee

    Hi Reid! =) out of the must-try dessert places, i like la palme d’or the most – it’s not someplace you’d go to hang out though. i’ve been to cafe laufer several times & it’s been okay. i used to like jj’s when he was in pearl kai center a LONG time ago. haven’t been to little oven yet, as it always seems to be closed when i feel like going — what do you usually get there? all the places that first came to mind are no longer in existence >.< – kimuraya in kahala mall, the old panya where hokua is now (ward), palomino in harbor court downtown (was a fave after theatre hangout when we went to kumu kahua shows)… i’m surprised i can’t come up with a list of coffee houses that fit your description. hmmm…
    i guess my first choice for dessert would be Kaiwa on Waikiki beach walk, Lewers. i love their yuzu ice and the monaka dessert, but i’m not sure they serve coffee—chic place… i also like the Veranda at the Kahala. David Swanson plays piano tues-sat. nights – nice ambiance (more relaxed, yet still refined).
    Bubbies has good coffee & yummy desserts – including mochi ice cream (Hawaii Kai & University).
    Diamond Head Market & Grill – Peet’s coffee & good cakes (check the dates on the cut ones…) — though their best baristas are gone =D
    the Alley at Aiea Bowl – lemon drop cake & my mochi on weekends =D – it’s a bowling alley. probably better off taking it home to enjoy.
    Pacific Place, Ala Moana Center kiosk outside NM, Izod, Escada — good coffee & tea, black & white cupcakes.
    Satura cakes, Ward – matcha corone, estate coffees.
    Anna Millers for pie & coffee, late nite.
    Nathan at Cream Pot wants to eventually open for dinner — i’m hoping they will be able to do so soon — i’m sure they would have stuff like killer crepes suzette & they already have a great beverage menu.

  2. Mitchell

    I have never gotten tired of Laufer. Good coffee and even when the desserts aren’t spectacular, I always find something interesting to try. I also like the food-food for lunch on occasion. Plus, you know I love chef Cyrus.

    The Starbucks on Ward is open until midnight, and there’s always Zippy’s, which I seldom tire of. Liliha Bakery is good if you’re by yourself or with only one or two others. When I lived in PC, Anna Millers and Denny’s did it for me.

    And yeah. If Bubbies weren’t such a pain on weekends, I’d go there a lot more.

    Oh, and here’s one you probably never would have thought of: Moanalua Center. The McD’s and Jack’s drive-throughs are open all night and there’s a 7-Eleven around the corner. The Jamba Juice and Starbucks establishments don’t put the chairs away at night, and the place is constantly patrolled by MPs, so it’s rather safe. I have been there during all hours (and I mean all hours) of the night, munching on a fast-food snack or sipping a Super Big Gulp while I type away at the keyboard. There’s almost always someone else hanging there, too; groups of friends just cruising before calling it a night. I know it’s not the same as getting pancakes and coffee, but neither do you have to spend a lot of money, and I feel as safe as can be there, even by myself at three in the morning.

  3. Reid

    Hi Renee,

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve been to Palme d’Or once, and I thought it was OK. Part of the reason I’m not that excited about that place is that I’m not that enthusiastic about Japanese coffee places in general–both in terms of the decor (clincal modern style) and the food (light and mild flavors). Panya and to some extent Satura Cakes are like this.

    The Veranda at Kahala (Hilton?) sounds interesting. What kind of desserts do they serve there?

    I forgot about ‘Aiea Bowl. I’ve tried their lemon dessert thing, and it was not bad. Their new dining area is not bad, too. So what kind of mochi do you provide them with?


    Have you tried Laufer’s dinner entres? They’re pretty good, although they’re not cheap.

    I have a couple of pictures of their desserts that I’ll try to post up later.

    For coffee/dessert places in town, my theory is to scope out restaurants and try to find a good place to go for dessert. For example, 12 Ave Grill is a pretty cool place, although it can be noisy and crowded.

  4. renee

    hi Reid! =)
    mochi = ; the alley sampler is a mini strawberry, peanut butter, plain & choc. haupia

    kahala resort:
    it’s been a few years since i’ve been here (when it was still kahala mandarin…), but i *think* you could order off of hoku’s menu too…

    zippy’s & liliha bakery did cross my mind, & i guess you could put hungry lion in the same category (they serve ani’s pies among other things & used to be one of the few places you could pick up ted’s pies in town before they started retailing it everywhere).

    my friend jamie just went to hy’s and they love the flambeed desserts.

  5. Reid

    Thanks for the link, Renee. I’m not a big fan of mochi, but my wife is. I’m sure she’ll want to sample some of this. The Kahala veranda looks interesting, especially since they offer live music. We’ll have to check it out.

  6. renee

    okaaaay… just got back from the Kahala’s Veranda. David Swanson was awesome, as usual, but I was rather disappointed with the desserts. I didn’t care for the assorted chocolate plate (too many tart things in there for a chocolate dessert) and the banana fritter dish was okay… desserts average $15 and a cappucino is about $6.50… I did like the passionberry iced tea. i’d go back mainly to chill & listen to the music… and if i get anything, it would primarily be drinks…

  7. Reid

    Bummer about the desserts (cost and quality). Have you (or anyone) else tried the dinner/lounge where the old Bistro at Century Center used to be? These serve relatively cheap (under $20) European style dining until late (midnight?). The dessert menu is limited, though.

  8. renee

    wow… they FINALLY found someone to fill that spot @ century center. saw metromix’s thing on Aria. haven’t tried it yet, though… the bistro’s gm used to be a reg. at dhm & i was really sad when it closed – had always planned on going, but never made it down there. speaking of closed places, capricciosa had a pretty mean tiramisu (was in discovery bay center where bombay india is now…) i guess if you’re ever in japan, they still exist…

  9. Reid

    Here’s an unconventional place for dessert: Kakaako Kitchen.

    I believe Lisa Siu still makes the desserts there, and it’s awesome. We just recently had the carrot cake (which, I believe, used to the one 12th Ave. used to serve), and I’d say it’s the best CC I’ve had. They also make a red velvet (just OK). They have a good guava cake and coconut cake, too. The great thing is that the desserts are relatively cheap compared to places like Laufer. The CC runs for under $4.

    The bad thing about KK is that the outdoor area doesn’t have much of an ambiance. (They should try fixing up the outside. I think they make improvements without spending a lot of money.) and they stopped serving coffee after 11 AM. But you can go to Mocha Java and pick up coffee there.

  10. Reid

    I’m not going to mention a new place, but I wanted to mention a dessert that’s becoming a favorite. I’m talking about the sticking bun at Cafe Laufer. Basically, it’s a cinnamon roll with lots of chunks of macadamia nuts on top. Think of it as a thinner cinnabon. Yum! (It’s probably too sweet for Don, but just right for Gregg.)

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