Girl with a Pearl Earring (SPOILER)

What a lovely film! I loved the look of the film…

and how the film was all about looking, about being aware of light, of arrangement and of color. I also loved all the intersecting manipulations of art, about how the mother-in-law saw art as a means to make money, about how the patron saw art as a means to acquire power over people, about how the wife saw art as a competitor for her husband’s attention. Griet (Scarlett Johansson) was the one who saw art as work, as beauty, as truth. She saw art as Vermeer (Colin Firth) saw. She saw without an agenda a priori. It was seducing. It was exciting. It was tangled. It was dangerous. But she connected. It mattered. I don’t know why else I liked it so… It was so carefully crafted. She was artful.

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  1. Reid

    Your review sounds encouraging. Sorry, I couldn’t make it on Sunday. I look forward to seeing this soon.

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