Ruby Tuesday’s

Reid (May 24. 2004)

We also went to this place last night for Larri’s father’s b-day. It’s a new place in Mililani (where I Love Country Cafe used to be). It’s basically an American eatery–burgers, steaks, some pasta dishes and fajitas. It’s very much in the vein of Chili’s, so if you like that, you would like this place.

I had the mushroom burger which was pretty good. The burger was thick and juicy. The buns were kinda thin though, and that made eating the burger a little difficult. Like Chili’s, the french fries were way too salty.

We also ordered a spinach dip and cheese fries. Both were OK.

Larri got the steak tenderloin which was pretty juicy and tasty (even though she ordered it well-done). Larri’s father got the rib combo–honey bbq sauce and Memphis rub. I liked the honey bbq sauce. The ribs were solid–meat falling off the bone.

Larri’s mom got a pretty good shrimp alfredo pasta dish. The sauce wasn’t too heavy or overpowering.

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