Kiawe Grill

Reid, 29. May 2004, 17:57

What we had: Kobe Burger, Buffalo Burger and a cheeseburger and fries.

I can see why Penny liked this place. The Kobe burger was good, but perhaps the cheeseburger was the best (the fact that it had relish, mustard and ketchup helped). The buffalo burger did not come with any condiments, and I didn’t put any on. I like pepper, but the burger had too much of it, as if it were hiding some kind of deficiency. The burger was OK, but not especially tasty.


I’ve now eaten at Kiawe grill about six times, three times for burgers and three times for plates. Give it another shot, and get a plate. The steak, pork, and chicken plates are excellent–they’re loaded with that sweet kiawe taste, and the Korean veggies you get are filling enough that you can leave most of the gigantic mountain of rice right there on the plate.

Both burgers were kinda on the dry side (and they didn’t offer a choice of how we wanted it done). I didn’t really detect a strong kiawe taste nor could I smell it in the restaurant.

The place also serves Korean food. I saw some of the food, and it didn’t look like they flame-broil the food on a grill (like Kim Chee’s). They should though. I like the concept, and there’s potential there, but for now, Kua Aina still gets the nod.

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