Side Street Inn

Reid, 9. June 2004, 20:29

Of course, we got the pork chops. We also ordered the fried rice and a small order of chicken katsu. The katsu was solid, basically, a panko style katsu. The fried rice wasn’t so great. The SS saimin dashi taste overwhelmed the whole dish. You could barely taste anything else, and I would have liked to have tasted the char siu, portugese sausage and bacon. The fried rice was done in the peas and carrot style, with no egg (not a good thing imo).

The pork chops were good, especially if you like roast pork, lechong style. They served the pork chops cut up in pieces. The chops were slightly cripy on the outside. The meat was a bit dry, but well-seasoned.

Side Street is a bar, so they allowed smoking. Also, the sodas come in small, non-refillable glasses.

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