Reid, 29. July 2004, 19:10

(This is at the top of the Ilikai Hotel)

In 70’s Hawaii, if you wanted Italian food, you probably had to pay a lot of money. You also probably had to dress up. Than one day, in the 90’s, we saw the Paesano/Assagio phenomena, and that 70’s style restaurant was a thing of the past. Assagio’s offered similar quality and quantity (if not more) for cheapers prices. These places were for both formal and informal dining. How could those 70’s style restaurant compete?

Well, some have survived, like Matteo’s. I would add Sarento’s to that list, even though I don’t think it was around in the 70’s. The food is solid, but it’s hard to go there if you know you can get something that tastes just as good for a lot less.

Anyway, I had the opakapaka dish. I can’t remember what was on it, but it was OK. I remember Larri had this steak with a mustard sauce (a house speciality). I rry to stay away from dishes with a mustard sauce, as the sauce usually become overpowring after a while.

We did get to eat a smoked salmon appetizer that was quite good.

The restaurant is at the top of the Ilikai, so there is a view, and supposedly we were in the room with the nicest view. I don’t know. It wasn’t that great. The company was, however, so that made all the difference.

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