Reid, 4. August 2004, 21:19

(located in the Maunakea Marketplace foodcourt, on the Mauka wall next to a Japanese stall)

Don and I went out for dinner tonight, and our original plan was to try Dew Drop Inn. Well, we got there ten minutes to 5, and they were supposed to open at 5. 5:05 and no one in sight, so we left. We headed towards Chinatown, and decided to go to a Chinese place, but on our way we remembered that Penny said that the best Thai place was in Maunakea Marketplace.

It was kinda late, but we thought, what the heck. (Actually, we came after closing, but the cook lost track of time and just took our order. We had no idea when they closed.) I quickly called Penny on her cell to get some recommendations, and she said to get the Pad Pet and the Panang Curry. I also about this fried rice ball thing, and she said that was OK, too.

The verdict? Penny hits a home run! I don’t know if it’s the best Thai place I’ve eaten, but you could make a case for it. And if you factor in the price ($6 for each entre, with rice), you can’t beat this place.

The Pad Pet (don’t let the unappetizing connotations disuade you) is a chicken dish with a pad sauce (like the kind in pad thai). The sauce was really good. I felt like I could eat that with just rice.

The sauce in the panang curry was just as good. We got the dish with shrimps, which I didn’t care for as they came in the shells. The panang curry is served in a large bowl about the size of large saimin bowl. It almost looks like a soup. Anyway, I had to get extra rice so I could eat the sauce. Let me tell you, as good as the sauce was panang curry is not meant to be totally consumed. I almost drank that think like ramen shiru, (That’s how good it was.) but you can’t do that! (”The man ate bacon everyday of his life. You can’t do that!”) Talk about law of diminishing returns.

Anyway, I really for quality, quantity and price, you can’t beat this place.

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