Bob’s BBQ

Reid, 8. September 2004, 8:12

I’ve eaten here before, but I recently read that Honolulu Weekly readers voted this as the best place for ribs. I had never tried the ribs before, so I decided to give it a shot. The verdict? It wasn’t that great. The sauce is too tangy-sweet for my tastes, and the ribs (beef and baby-back combo) were a little too firm and not so tasty. In addition, there wasn’t that much meat on the bones, especially for $12 (I can’t remember exactly), but it was around there.

Bob’s also sells Korean plate lunch dishes, which I never tried.

We did try the shakes, which were OK. They basically taste like a softer version of a fudgsical(sp?).

So far Tony Roma’s still has the best ribs I’ve eaten.


RE: Bob’s. If I go to the one at Stadium Mall, I get treated really nicely because I taught the owners’ kids at HBA. The one on Houghtailing, which has a different ownership, is the one I go to, though, since I walk past it every day. I don’t know why a breakfast order just about anywhere you get it of Portuguese sausage, eggs, and rice always costs as much as it does for the four or five slices of sausage you get, but at Bob’s you actually get TOO MUCH Portuguese sausage. That’s a nice thing to experience once in a while.

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