Mei Sum

Mitchell, 11. September 2004, 19:00

Had a little sampling at Mei Sum with Reid, Larrilyn, and Penny, and they have this thing that’s like a potato croquette, but it’s made with taro and has a little bit of pork in the center, and it’s not fried in breadcrumbs, but in this dark orange filamenty something. It was heavenly. I think I dreamt about it that night.


Mitchell: that taro thing is called a taro gok. It’s one of my favorite dim sum dishes! If you like scallops, Mei Sum also makes one with taro and just a scallop in the center. It’s quite good but depending on the day, it may be oily.

Mei Sum is okay but my favorite is still Legends Seafood Restaurant in the Chinese Cultural Plaza. It’s slightly higher in price but the atmosphere (noisy! lots of Chinese families talking story very loud!) and the quality, flavor and consistency of the food gets me all the time. In my opinion they have the best bi dan jook (preserved egg and pork)!

Having to wait for specific items to appear is a kind of a big drawback for me. That’s why I like Mei Sum so much. You’re not at the mercy of whatever is on the cart. You just choose whatever you want, and then order it. We usually go when it’s not so busy, and even when it is, it’s not that bad.

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