Mitchell, 25. October 2004, 0:03

I took a walk yesterday from Sam’s Club in Pearl City to Safeway in Waimalu, stopping for lunch at Diego’s in the Pearl City Plaza (it’s one of those little buildings near the Iglesia Ni Cristo church building). The people who work there say they do things “San Diego Style.”

For just over seven bucks, I had a combo plate with two “rolled tacos” and a carne asada burrito. The combos come with a medium drink (they give you a choice between a 12-oz can, a medium-sized fountain, and a bottled water, something I found pretty interesting) and two small sides of beans and rice.

I didn’t know what a rolled taco was, but it turned out to be a fried taquito, very crunchy and very good. The rolled tacos were served on a little bit of shredded lettuce and with some sour cream on top–a nice touch. Until Saturday, I’d only had taquitos frozen and then brought home and deep-fried, so these tasted quite good.

The burrito was a monster, I tellya. The flour tortilla was a bit on the doughy side, but that turned out to be good because the little strips of steak were quite saucy, and there was a LOT of meat. In fact, the whole, gigantic burrito was just saucy meat and tortilla, with some bits of what looked like basil or lettuce spread throughout. If you like your burritos stuffed with six or seven different ingredients (and I do, too), this is not for you. If you like a lot of meat, here’s your burrito, man.

The beans and rice were the best-tasting beans-and-rice sides I’ve had in a Mexican restaurant. I don’t know what they did with the rice, but it was sticky and yummy.

Huge ups from me if you want tasty, simple Mexican food. The counter service was very nice, too. The prices are low enough that it’s definitely worth a little try, especially if you’re in Pearl City with any frequency.

Mitchell, I went to the Mexican restaurant near the Kaheka Daiei, across from where the new Palama Market will be. I had a carne asada burrito and the hibiscus-flavored soda (Jurrito’s brand?). Together they were almost $9. The burrito came with some fresh salsa that was pretty good. All in all, I felt it was kind of expensive for what it was (no way enough food for Reid) and the flavors were okay, but nothing special. I know you’ve been there…did you enjoy it a lot?


I thought the tortillas that wrapped my soft tacos were quite good, and I liked the fresh salsas. You’re right about the pricing, but maybe because I’ve been spending so much on food lately, I didn’t think it was unreasonable. How was the hibiscus soda?

We should do a Mexican food road-trip one day. Just hit all the little holes-in-walls for a taco, burrito, and some third thing, each of us sampling and rating as we go. Maybe we could combine that with our Shave Ice excursion…


That evening we went to Diego’s because of Mitchell’s recommendation. I got the chorizo (and eggs) burrito. The burrito was suprisingly tasteless. It was like someone boiled all the flavor from the sausage, and the eggs didn’t have a strong egg taste, either. I also orded a carne asada tostada. That was pretty good, although the carne asada was a little too rubbery at times.

Larri got the combo plate with two rolled tacos and a Mexican sandwich, the name of which I forgot. It was a like a small sub-sandwich roll with shredded chicken, and I can’t remember what else. Great idea, but I would have liked it more if the bread was a little toasted, and the chicken was hotter and more plentiful. All in all, I’d go there again.

Oh, the rice was pretty good (sticky like Mitchell said), although I think Quintero’s rice is more flavorful (although they’re not always consistent).

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