Bankok Chef

Reid, 14. December 2004, 7:21

(connected to Nu’uanu Shopping Center)

Don claims that this has the best spring rolls, so I had to try it. My first attempt went awry as the lady taking my order thought I said “summer rolls,” and I didn’t have time to change the order. (I don’t care for summer rolls, but these were OK, I guess.)

Luckily, Grace picked up the rolls a few days later and gave me some to try. I thought they were pretty good, but I don’t know if I would say they’re the best. I guess, you could consider them one of the best. I think Bale (at least the one in Pearl City) makes a really good chicken lumpia. That’s one of my favorites. But ultimately, I would have to say that Gulick’s is the one I like best. Their lumpia is a good size, well-made (not oily) and they put slices of cooked potatoes, which is a nice touch. All of these spring rolls/lumpias are good though. At Bankok Chef you get 6 spring rolls (the smaller Thai sized ones, as opposed to the larger Philipino version) for 4 something. Grace also order the phad thai. I don’t know how it tasted, but for under $5 that was a lot of food.

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  1. Reid

    I went here twice recently because I had meetings in town. The first time we ordered the mango salad (I got up to the counter, and I wasn’t ready to order, but instead sitting back down to ponder, I just chose something fast. Lovely.), the pad thai (because Larri likes theirs) and some spring rolls. Once again, I agree with Don that these are the best–at least the vegetarian ones. (They’re now about $5.)

    The next time we went we got the chicken eggplant, which was spicy and had lots of sweet basil. For about $6, you also get quite a bit of jasmine rice with the order. I also tried the pad raumit, I think, that was basically a mixed vegetable dish, a la Chinese style. And we got the pad thai and spring rolls again.

    It’s not a great place to eat (kinda run down and would be a bad place on a hot day), but the quality is good, and you can’t beat the prices.

  2. Reid

    We went twice recently because I had meetings in town.

    On the first visit, we ordered the pad thai (Larri likes theirs), mango salad and vegetarian spring rolls>. I still agree with Don that these are the best (the vegetarian ones are actually better than the pork ones, from what I remember). The pad thai is standard fare, but I didn’t care for the mango salad. There was a strong (vinegar?) sauce/dressing that I didn’t care for. The mango was very raw, I think. In any event, it tasted more like a vegetable than a fruit, in the same way green papaya is like a vegetable more than a fruit.

    On the second visit, in addition to pad thai and spring rolls, we got the chicken eggplant, which was spicy and came with lots of basil; pad raumit (I think it’s called), which was basically a mixed vegetable dish. The chicken eggplant also comes with a lot of jasmine rice, a la plate lunch style.

    Not a great place to sit as there is no air condition, and the place is kinda run down. Still, the quality is solid, and you can’t beat the prices–pretty much every dish for around $6.

  3. renee

    LOVE this place – it’s in my cell phone address book because the wait is usually long so i call in my order & take-out. their vegetarian spring rolls ARE the best (though the last time i bought it on election day, i thought they put too much black pepper in the filling). the green curry is tasty, though the color is a little strange (bright green! ). i like their sateh bbq sticks. peanut sauce! yum! =) pad thai is okay. if you see plastic bags with bundles of steamed banana & sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf on the shelf, get one — they’re GOOD! =) it’s also where i picked up thai tea so you can steep & make your own at home. PBN said they were supposed to open a second location in manoa, but must be taking longer than expected to get up & running. can check back at their site for updates i guess:

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