Mitchell, 11. September 2004, 19:00

There’s a plate-lunch takeout place on North King, near the Kalihi post office, called Richie’s. It’s so-so, but for your so-so food, you’ll pay a buck or two less than what you pay for the same so-so food you might get at other so-so places. The breakfast special is especially reasonable, with a home-made corned-beef hash patty, rice, two eggs, and a small drink for just over three bucks. For lunch, the chili and the boneless chicken plates are notably inexpensive and filling.

Sometimes, cheap is best.

Richie’s has become something of a regular stop for me, not because it’s gotten any better, but because it has a few other things to recommend it: First, it’s open until 11 at night. Second, it’s got a drive-through. Yes, a drive-through plate-lunch place! You know, for when you get those late-night munchies and you don’t want to get out of your car (and I would strongly recommend against getting out of your car in this neighborhood). Four bucks for two sizable slabs of breaded boneless chicken covered with gravy at ten-thirty in the evening without leaving my car. Consider me a fan.

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