(strip mall on Monsarrat St.)

Reid, 27. December 2004, 16:10

This is a coffee place on Monsaraat St. that’s been in that tiny strip mall for a while now. I’ve been there before, but never for the food. They have quite an extensive breakfast (including waffles) and lunch menu. I remember that some of the items might appeal to Larrilynn, so we decided to check this place out.

I was expecting college coffee house food (like at Volcano Joe’s or other college coffee places that serve meals). I ordered the chicken and avocado salad ($10), and Larri got the Tuscan chicken sandwich. The sandwich came with a Mediterranean grilled chicken with parmesan cheese for about $7 or $8. (Some ruffles chips on a plate comes with it.)

The salad was a pretty good side with lots of huge chunks of chicken and avocados. (I think you could have an avocado and/or a piece of chicken with every bite.) Spinach, romaine lettuce (I think) and some tomatoes completed the salad. The chicken was moist and seasoned well, which was surprise. We’re not talking great food, but it was better than I expected.

The breakfasts looked better, and maybe we’ll go to try some of them. The bad thing is the place closes at early (8 on the weeknights and 6 on the weekends, I think).

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