2016 UHM Football

First game of the season is on ESPN tomorrow (our Friday) at 4:00 vs UC Berkeley in Sydney, Australia.

2 Responses to “2016 UHM Football”

  1. mitchell

    I fell asleep at halftime. Rainbows lost by 20 (with a 20.5 pt spread). Everybody on the team looked rusty, but QB Ikaika Woolsey looked decent. Good enough for the Mountain West, anyway. A UHM running back named Diocemy Saint Juste (5’8″, 185) had a 53-yard TD run that was sweet. His lateral cuts were terrific. Take away that long run, and he was 13 for 65, which is kind of nice to see for a UHM team. Steven Lakalaka rushed 11 times for 61.

    61,000 in attendance in Sydney. That’s kind of amazing.

    The vibe I get from social media is that there’s a lot to be encouraged by. Fans seem pretty positive.

    Next game is at Michigan at 6:00 a.m. It’s going to be ugly.

  2. Reid

    I was listening to a little of the game on the radio. The score was close, but it was early in the game.

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