Los Chapparos

Reid, 10. November 2005, 21:46

This is a three-month old Mexican restaurant on Beretania (close to Fuji-pan bakery). I went with Grace who ordered the mole as usual. She said it was pretty good. My basic reaction is that the food was OK, but pretty generic. Aren’t most of the Mexican places in Hawaii pretty much at the same level? I like Quintero’s, but they’re not that much better than many other places.

Anyway, if there is something unique about the place it’s the fact that you can get a combination plate (the usual selection of burritos, tacos, enchiladas, etc.), but you can substitute the beans and rice with a soup or salad. I wanted to try their posole (a pork soup with hominy), so this feature appealed to me. For about $15, I got the chicken enchilada in a green sauce, pork burrito and shrimp quesadilla. The shrimps were tiny bay shrimps that you could barely taste. Bay shrimps are normally, so this was tiny, tiny shrimps. The enchilada and burrito were generic. The posole was pretty satisfying though. Good chunks of pork in a really homey, comforting soup. The hominy wasn’t a dominant flavor eithre.

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