Reid, 15. November 2005, 5:40

One of the best small Japanese restaurants–best Japanese restaurants, period–that I’ve been to is Maguro-ya. As the name suggests, their speciality is maguro (ahi). I’m not a huge fan of ahi, so I’ve never been too interested. But we had a dinner there for my dad, and I really loved the maguro belly. Man it was cooked to perfection: the meet was so tender and moist; and the cut was not too thick. The tempura, although not super large, was well done, and the tempura sauce was a killer. Actually, we had the tempura with shiso which was chopped up shrimp (not very small pieces), mixed with shiso and fried. It sort of comes out in a glob, like vegetable tempura. That’s the only dishes I’ve gotten there, but it was really good. No, that’s not correct. I did get some nigiri sushi, and I thought it was OK, but nothing exceptional.

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