Mitch’s Sushi

524 Ohohia St. (off of Nimitz near the airport)

Reid, 17. November 2005, 20:40

There’s bad sushi (i.e. Kozo’s), good sushi (i.e. Zippy’s) and then there’s the sushi and sashimi I had at Mitch’s Sushi. This was definitely the best sushi I ever had.

I heard about this place from an article in Honolulu Magazine. John Heckathorn raved about this place, and I specifically remember him praising the sashimi lobster tail and lobster miso soup. I really wanted to try that.

So Don and I finally got around to going to this place. We both ordered the special mea ($75 per person). First, we had a dish of mushrooms and some kind of vegetables. If you’re familiar with nametake, the dish was very similiar. Mitch, the host–a St. Nicholas type of person–brought in a live New Zealand spiny lobster. The sushi prepared the tail for us, along with some fresh wasbi. (Don really raved about this, but I thought it wasn’t much different from other wasbi I’ve had.) The chef told us we should put a little wasbi on the lobster and a little shoyu (versus dipping the lobster in a wasbi-shoyu mixture). So that’s what we did. I was a little disappointed by this because I didn’t think there was much taste. I was anticipating a sweet tasting meat, but it was pretty tasteless.

The next dish was an assortment of sashimi: hamachi, uni, maguro, toro, abalone, tako, ika, salmon, and I can’t remember what other stuff was on there. The uni (sea-urchin from Alaska according to Mitch) was the best I’ve had. It was really rich and tasty–similar to the “miso” in crab or lobster. The uni was pretty firm and not just liquidity. The salmon was also very good. There was a strong salmon taste, and the slice of fish just melted in your mouth. The pieces of fish were good, but not exceptional. (The texture of the tako was very good though, not really rubbery). I was disappointed in the hamachi (I prefer Zippy’s).

After that the chef prepared various nigiri for us. By the far the biggest winners were the three selection of tuna we had: maguro, toro and the really fatty toro–this particular fish was from Spain. Well, two huge thumbs up for Spanish toro! When Don and I raved to Mitch about these pieces, Mitch responded by saying, “Oh they’re lovely, almost buttery,” which hit the nail on the head. Not only was the taste really fantastic, but the texture of the fish was perfect: the purest tuna taste just disolving into your taste buds. Yeow!

Don also loved the scallops, and I thought they were good, but not as good as he did. There was some other nigiri that was good, but those tuna nigiri were the clear stand-outs.

Oh, before the sashimi platter, we did have something called “van-van.” This was a white fish, with shimp and salmon baked with one of those tobiko-mayo sauces. The sauce was kinda too heavy, but the seafood inside it was very good.

Towards the end of the meal we got to eat the body of the lobster with miso soup. The lobster was decent, but the broth was really tasty.

All in all, it was worth the $75. This is a great place to take visitors to, but it is a really small place so you should call ahead for reservations.

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