cindy, 14. November 2005, 17:39

Hidechan for hole-in-the-wall homestyle Japanese/Okinawan no-frills home cooking.

Where’s Hidechan? Is that the one on Young Street? I heard there’s an Okinawan place there. You know, even though I part Okinawan, I don’t think I’ve eaten very much Okinawan food. If you or anyone else knows of any good Okinawan places, let me know.

Hidechan is on the corner of King and Hausten St. A couple of blocks from Down to Earth. Parking is really limited. I’m not really familiar with Okinawan food per se. I know they do Pig’s Feet soup and offer bittermelon stuff (goya).

Oh, I think Don and I went to Hidechan. It was OK, but basically a generic mom-and-pop Japanese restaurant. I kinda like Yagura in Liliha, but it’s basically a mom-and-pop Japanese restaurant, too.

Hidechan is very good. It’s simple, normal, family-style Japanese food. The katsudon doesn’t blow you away, but it’s exactly what it should taste like and it’s carefully prepared. And everyone who works there reminds me of my mom. Yakitori’s good, too.

I like Yagura, too. I don’t think it’s as good as Hidechan, but it just misses by a little.

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