South Shore Grill

(On Monsarrat St.)

Reid, 13. December 2005, 8:31

But I really wanted to write about my experience at South Shore Grill on Monsarrat. The Honolulu Weekly wrote a review about their burgers. Here’s what they said about the burgers:

The South Shore Grill Burger ($5.75) starts with a handmade patty that must weigh in at nearly a half-pound. The patty is cooked to your liking—we asked for rare and got rare, which is not always easy in these food-frightened times—then topped with fried onion strings and chef/owner Linda Gehring’s signature chipotle aioli and a heaping portion of slaw. The resulting messy masterpiece is served on homemade ciabatta bread, and is something both to behold and, on a more fundamental level, to hold.

We said messy, and it is. In three trips, we’ve never had a burger that didn’t fall almost entirely apart by the time we were halfway finished. There may be room to go a little bit easier on the slaw and the aioli…the ciabatta just can’t handle that much sauce.

It sounded good, so Larri and I checked it out. The restaurant is located where the Teddy’s Burgers used to be and basically has the same set up. They also serve some plate lunches (kalbi, mahi, salmon) and an assortment of sandwiches, some of which I want to try later–for example, the caprese sandwich, various chicken sandwiches (one with pastrami and one with mac-nut pesto), etc.

But we went for the burgers. HW described it as a “masterpiece” in the article. After the first bite, I thought they had a case. The sauce was really flavorful and the crisp slaw (including some red peppers) added a nice texture. However, after a while the sauce got to be a bit overpowering. (Larrilynn complained that her burger was too salty). I like the taste of the burger to dominate and here the sauce and slaw/chipotle-aioli just takes over. I looked into my plate and there was a puddle of that sauce. The ciabatta bread was a nice combination though.

We also tried a fish taco ($3). The taco had the same sauce/slaw wrapped by two flour tortillas. It’s a good combination with the fish. Larri liked this, and I liked it except I didn’t care for the fact that the fish was deep-fried. (The fish seemed to have lost the batter coating in the middle section of the taco, and I liked that part better.)

Finally, we picked up a chocolate cake to go. It was huge, and, out of all the food we tried, this was the best thing. It was really dense and pretty moist. Apparently, the bake different desserts daily, so the cake might not be there, but I’d go back for that. (Unfortunately, they do not serve any milk.)

I’d definitely give this place a shot, especially if you’re into burgers.

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