Harbor Village Cuisine

Reid, 27. December 2005, 17:40
(located in Koko Marina)

I can say with some confidence that this is the best Chinese food I have had. I enjoyed the food at Eastern Paradise (on the corner of King and Keeaumoku), but the HVC was better. To be fair, we had a set menu for ten (at $30 a head, it’s a very good deal). Marc was back in town, and it was his last night. Don recommended Fook Yuen, but they were booked until 8, so based on Don’s girlfriend, Tracy’s recommendation, we decided to go to Harbor Village Cuisine. Tracy said they she preferred this place to Fook Yuen, going so far to say it’s one of her favorite Chinese places. Coming from someone who is from China and likes food, that’s saying something.

Let me go over the whole menu.

We started with the sharksfin soup with these small mushrooms. If you’re familiar with nametake, it’s the same type of mushroom. The soup came with shrimp and other seafood. It was one of the most tasty sharkfin soups I had.

That was followed by the “wine soaked” chicken–in the ginger chicken style– with jellyfish. This was the weakest dish, imo. A strong wine taste would hit at the initial part of each bite, but would quickly disappear leaving a very tasteless chicken flavor. The jellyfish was OK. (I preferred the ones I had at Legend’s.) it came in a sesame seed sauce similiar to the type you get with Korean vegetables. The jellyfish looks like udon noodles and tasted like another type of Japanese food, which I can’t think of now.

Luckily, this was followed by tasy Peking Duck. This was good, but nothing exceptional.

Garlic Roasted Crab and Lobster in butter, garlic sauce over e-mein noodles came next. The roasted garlic looked like a mound of thick dust particles covering the crab. The crab was just OK, if a bit salty.

The lobster was much better. But the best food of the evening was the e-mein with the butter, garlic sauce. Folks, this is my favorite Chinese noodles I’ve ever eaten. The noodles were slightly al-dente, and very tasty, sort of thicker than linguini. The sauce and noodles had a bit of the saimin-dashi flavor. That may not sound appealing, but it was super good. Bits of green and red pepper was also in the sauce. Btw, this is not part of the regular set menu. The regular menu has the lobster in a black bean sauce without the e-mein, but thanks to Tracy we had the sauce changed and the e-mein added–a masterstroke!

I almost didn’t care what we had after this, but the honey walnut shrimp that followed was pretty good (not better than Little Village Noodle Shop). The batter was not and crispy, not too oily. The mayo and honey taste was a bit muted for my tastes.

Porkchops came next, which was prepared like sweet and sour pork. The meat was very tender and tasty.

The second best dish of the evening was the flounder. Chunks of the fish fried withe skin on came in a basketball made up of the skin and tail. The dish also came with brocolli and other vegetables. The fish was really tasty–with bits of crispy skin, along with a light batter. It was really, really good. I even didn’t mind the sauce, not very overpowering or oversweet. I would love to go to this place and just order the flounder and the lobster e-mein.

At this point I was really full, but we still had the abalone dish with mushrooms and baby bok choi (?). This was good, too, reminding me of my aunty’s recipe, but I was too full to enjoy it.

As overkill, we also got the duck meat from the Peking Duck. This followed by a choice of tapioca with bits of melon or almond float (nice strong almond flavor, chich is not always the case). Both really refreshing desserts.

Two big thumbs up for this place. Don and Tracy also recommend the lamb w/leeks, so I’ll try to go back and try that. Hopefully, I can get the lobster (butter garlic sauce) on e-mein!

On a sidenote, I can’t remember a time when Don and I agreed so much on a meal. I said that the emein was the best followed by the flounder; everything else was equal, while the chicken was the worst dish. Don agreed, although he may have liked the flounder a bit more.

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