Fritz’s Deli and Fine Sandwiches

Reid, 30. December 2005, 11:55

(On Dillingham near Zippy’s)

Being a fan of deli sandwiches, I wanted to check this place out, especially since I’ve been working in Kalihi. Some one told me that his/her European professor claimed this was the best bread in Hawaii.

I finally got to check this out with a co-worker the other day. When we entered the store, we could see racks of unsliced German bread (which they will slice for you) and a glass case of pastries. But we were there for lunch, so we proceeded to order sandwiches.

I got the turkey on sourdough ($5+) while my co-worker got the vegetable sandwich ($5). My sandwich came with two slices of turkey, so it wasn’t the NY style. 🙁 It also came with cabbage, and tomato. While the sourdough wasn’t very sour, I enjoyed the sandwich. The turkey was really flavorful and the mayo(?) and cabbage seemed to work well. The bread also was pretty good, despite the fact that it tasted like white bread. (The bread wasn’t as memorable as the pumpernickel at The Pattisserie.)

My co-worker really liked her sandwich. Her sandwich, on wheat, came with fresh spinach, tomatoes, cabbages and olives, and some kind of vinagrette. Both sandwiches weren’t very filling, and, at the price, you’re not getting the best deal, but we enjoyed the sandwiches nevertheless.

I think I might have liked mine because I frequently eat turkey sandwiches at Subway’s, and the vegetables and mustard usually overpower the turkey.

Another thing. There was only one worker, and so our service was pretty slow, even though there were only two other parties in the place.

This is not a place I would go if you’re hungry, but if you want to try different German breads, this might be a good place.

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