Highway Inn

Reid, 30. December 2005, 11:55

Highway Inn
(Waipahu–mauka of McDonald’s)

Larri and I walked into this place once and walked right out because it seemed too expensive. Gregg, Don and I recently checked this place out because Gregg wanted Hawaiian food.

We all ordered the lau-lau combo (at $9.25 each). The meal came with rice or poi, lomi-salmon, pipikaula, and haupia. We also ordered a side of squid-luau ($3.65)–because the waitress said this was a popular dish–raw onions ($.50), and I got a side of kaula pig ($3.85).

The verdict? This is good Hawaiian food with very little to complain about. The lau-lau was tasty–you had just the right amount of porkfat, good portion of butterfish (although that lacked flavor). The leaf was solid, too, if a bit dry.

The squid luau was also pretty good. The taco was pretty firm, not mushy. And the flavor of the luau was good. If you don’t like your squid luau with a lot of coconut milk, you’ll like this.

I also enjoyed the kalua pig, even though it was the smoked flavor variety. It had the righ amount of “smoke,” and it wasn’t too oily.

The waitress said people liked their pipikaula, and I can see why. It was basically like chopped steak, pulehu style–very tender and not at all like jerky.

In terms of flavor, you can’t really complain, but you’re not going to get a lot of food. (The rice was kinda small, too.), unless you’re willing to spend a lot of money. There are other places where you can either get a better value: either better quality or quantity. You can go to Ono Hawaiian and better quality, quantity and the same, if not, lower price. However, if you’re trapped on the Leeward side, and you’re desparate for Hawaiian food, this is not a bad place to go.

Has anyone tried Huggy’s in Pearl City? Larri catered through them for her father’s birthday, and for the price, they were really good. Supposedly, they serve meals during the day, too.

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