Reid, 31. December 2005, 7:52
(Diamond Head of Buzz’s in Pearl City)

Penny, Kevin and I went to this place several nights ago. I’m pretty sure it’s the same Ige’s that does catering (saw shoyu pork on the menu). Basically, this is Zippy’s with different menu items, including some high end entres (i.e. spencer steak and a seafood casserole, both at $17). Unlike Zippy’s, however, customers can mix entres (except for the high end dishes) and they also get to choose two side dishes–salad, rice, mashed potatoes, soup, etc. The meals also came with a side of corn and several andagi at the end of the meal. That was a pretty good deal at around $8-$10 a plate. They also have specials everyday.

Penny got one of Wednesday night special, Korean chicken. I got the turkey a la king, and Kevin got the saimin. Penny let me try one the chicken, and it was good–not too oily, not too much batter and not too sweet. They gave quite a bit of chicken, too.

The turkey a la king disappointed me. It was more gravy over the turkey, instead of a creamy sauce. The portion was pretty big though. I didn’t get to try Kevin’s saimin, but it didn’t look like anything special.

Although there is a bar, and the place looks like a warehouse converted into a restaurant, there were a lot of local families (mostly Japanese, giving it a very “Pearl City” feel to the place).

All in all, a place worth checking out if you want an alternative to Zippy’s and Big City Diner. It would be cool if they were open 24 hours.

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