Reid, 17. January 2006, 22:00
(top of the Ala Moana Hotel)

If you want great service and a nice ambiance (huge glass windows giving you a nice view), then this is the place for you. That’s what you’ll be paying for in the $30 plus entres. The quantity and quality of the food is not remarkable or markedly better than what you could get at places with entres starting at $20 (or even lower).

I think you would call this food continental, but I”m not sure. Basically, you can get steak, fish or seafood dishes, prepared in more traditional ways. (Read; not heavy Pacific-Rim fusion). This is one of those places that I mentioned places like Assagio’s and 12th Avenue Grill have done damage to. (They even had a live band, which, for some reason, reminds me of those high-end places that were popular in the 70s and 80s.) The food at Aaron’s is good, but not $30+ good. (In a way the restaurant reminds me a lot of Sarento’s.)

OK on to what we had. I had the french onion soup and Larri got some kind of spinach salad with goat cheese and papaya. The French onion wasn’t hot enough and it was kinda disappointing. (I prefer Kincaid’s.)

My brother ordered the kalua pig postickers, which were pretty good. The meat was tasty and smoky. Jill got a chicken soup–done in a clear broth with lots of herbs and minced vegetables. Pretty good, but not remarkable.

For entres, I ordered the opakapaka, Chicago style. The means the fish came in with shrimp, mushrooms in a light sauce (can’t remember). This was served over a bed of saffron rice. Larri ordered the steak. with mashed potatoes. The opakapaka was highly recommend by the waiter (very personable and nice). The “paka” was one of those thick filets, and it was moist, but not super tasty. I thought the “Chicago” prepartion was just OK, too. Personally, I don’t normally like really thick filets of fish (beef or pork for that matter, too).

Larri’s steak was OK, but again not worth the $30+ by itself.

The highlight of the menu was the banana’s foster. Larri and I had this in New Orleans at a place called Brennan’s. It was pretty disappointing, but the waiter raved about this. I still didn’t get it, but someone else did. I goofed. This was really ono, particularly with the vanilla ice cream and macadamia nuts.

I got the creme brulee instead, and it was pretty bland. Joel got some dark chocolate cake with chocolate sauce. Again, OK, but nothing great.

To sum up, I wouldn’t recommend this place unless you really want a nice ambiance and good service, atlhough there might be better places for this.

There’s only one high end place where I thought the qualty of food matched the super high prices. That place was Padovani. Unfortunately, a friend of mine told me they’re going to close soon. Hopefully, I’ll get to go one more time before they do.

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