Ciao Mein

Reid, 24. February 2006, 7:31
(Hyatt Regency)

There is only one reason to go to this place, and that’s the opportunity of eating Chinese and Italian food at the same time. (It’s a combination that works pretty well.) The food tasted fine, but not exceptional, and it was overpriced. Here’s what we got:

Risotto ($7.75): This was one of the best dishes–in taste and overall value. The risotto that night (it changes daily I guess) came with mushrooms and some kind of meat (can’t remember), covered with cheese.
Szechuan eggplant ($9.75) Penny recommended this, and it was good, but you can probably get the same thing at many Chinese places for half the price.
Campagolo ($16.50) This was a light tomato sauce with peppers and sausage that we ordered with rigatoni. The portion was good, but the quality was just OK. CPK serves a similar dish that taste better.
Honey Walnut Shrimp ($22.75) Pretty standard fair, except the portions were small (like what you would get at a Chinese restaurant) and the shrimp wasn’t lightly deep fried, nor did the dish come with mayonnaise.
Bisteca Di Manzo Alle Erbe ($26.75) This was a marinated steak with olive oil, garlic, herbs and pine nuts. The steak tasted really good (not too thick), but it only came with five pieces!
Petti di Pollo ($17.25) Sauteed breast of chicken with provolone, boursin cheese and prociutto. This came in a kind of tomato cream and, perhaps, wine sauce that was really good. Portions were OK.

All the dishes we ordered were first place winners at the “Taste of Honolulu.” Based on Penny’s advice, we also stayed away from the fusion dishes. As for the ambiance, it wasn’t anything that great. Ditto the service. So really the only reason for going to this place is the ability to eat Chinese and Italian at the same time. It’s a good concept. I wish another restaurant would open with the same concept with better value.

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