Nico’s at Pier 38

Mitchell, 25. April 2006, 19:21

This is right next to the fish auction at which all the restaurants and markets purchase their fish every morning, so the fish you’re getting here really doesn’t get any fresher.

Grace, Penny, and I went for breakfast. Now, I don’t like fish, but I had the fish and eggs, and I loved it. The fish was hebi (a spearfish) with a garlic-herb crust, and I would have had a second order if I’d had room for it. Penny had the loco moco, which was pretty dang good.

The place is a sort of gourmet plate-lunch place (think Kakaako Kitchen), but I have only been there for breakfast. I liked it so much on that Friday morning that I went again on Saturday (the fish was grilled swordfish) and then again this past Saturday morning before the season’s final Oahu Mathematics League meet (grilled ahi). I’d like to try the lunch entree some time, but Grace went for lunch on a Saturday and said it was really crowded. I may have to wait for summer vacation and go on a weekday.

Nico’s at Pier 38 is open until 6 on weekdays now, meaning you can grab a late lunch or an early dinner. I’ve been twice this week. I had the grilled mahi with lemon-caper sauce Tuesday (yum) and the pork roast today (also yum). I have yet to try the desserts or soups, which reviewers have really liked. Didn’t see any soup on the menu today.

Pan-seared hebi today with some kinda lovely sauce. I swear, I don’t know who I am anymore

Mitchell, May 2006
Nico’s at Pier 38 didn’t have a catch of the day that looked very interesting to me (Marlin tartare with a lemon sauce), so I had the barbecue chicken / chicken katsu combo plate. The katsu was good — crisp and meaty without being oily — and while the barbecue chicken was slightly overcooked, the barbecue sauce was REALLY good. It was like a cross between the shoyu-based Korean sauce and the mainland ketchupy sauces. I liked it.

We must have checked out Nico’s on the same day you did because I had the special–marlin tartare with lemon-cream sauce ($8.15). I thought tartare is a raw fish dish, but these were basically fish patties (two). The tartare and the sauce was OK, but not worth it at $8.

Larri got the double-cheeseburger ($5.25, including fries). The burgers tasted like better quality burgers at old local eateries like Diner’s. Since you get fries with the meal though, it was a pretty good deal.

Nico’s is not a cheap place though, especially the fish. Then again, if you’re getting top quality fish, paying $8 is good deal. I think people who like Kaka’ako Kitchen would like this place.

Went to Nico’s for lunch and had the ahi sandwich ($7.95 comes with fries or nalo greens). The sandwich is served on a french baquette (not really great, but good enough), lettuce tomatoes and a wasabi based sauce. The fish came pan-fried I think, and I really liked it. The bread, sauce, plus the good portion of fish did it. The nalo greens came with this sweet dressing that I liked, too.

I love the dressing at Nico’s. Get the greens when you order a lunch; the mac salad is pretty awful.

I went today and had the grilled swordfish with coconut-saffron sauce. Delicious!

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